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Dotacje UE

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Rafał Duda

President of the Management Board

In Beliso since

the very beginning, that is from 1995 when I decided to start up my own company. Although the beginnings were not easy, we managed to survive on the continually changing market during that time. I hope that we will still manage to battle it out on this market for quite some time still ;)

What I do

I tighten the screws :) I am aware that my company is continually on the increase, both in terms of the number of staff employed as well as the portfolio of our brands. I am still, as far as is possible, trying to control the work of my team and whether all the activities and operations are going according to plan. If not, then I ... :) But seriously, I know that my staff are specialists whom I can always count on and I have complete trust in them. I know that they do their work with 100% dedication. And this is the most important for me.

Before I begun working in Beliso

I worked hard abroad so that when I return home I can start up my own business. And I succeeded!

What I like in my company is

Freshly brewed coffee by my Assistant in the mornings :)

After work

It is never after work :)