Experto Professional

The EXPERTO Professional product line was created for women who are looking for unique and effective caring cosmetics, perfectly suited to their needs. EXPERTO Professional is the result of long-term efforts from specialists who have created innovative formulas based on a combination of select active ingredients that moisturise and nourish the hair. The EXPERTO Professional brand offers an effective solution to every hair problem. The line includes shampoos, conditioners and masks for dry and damaged, dyed, thin and flat, frizzy and dull hair. For weakened hair, a special strengthening spray was also developed to strengthen the effects of the treatments.

experto repair

REPAIR – Professional care for dry and damaged hair

Specialised formulas, thanks to select active ingredients, moisturise dry and brittle hair, restoring its softness and shine.

experto antifrizz

ANTIFRIZZ – Professional treatment for frizzy and dull hair

Innovative formulas contained in the cosmetic products prevent frizzy hair and static, making rough and difficult-to-style hair smooth and full of brilliant shine.

experto color

COLOR – Professional care for dyed hair

The hair requires proper care after dyeing. Specialised formulas, thanks to select active ingredients, moisturise and regenerate dyed hair, protecting colour from fading.

experto volume

VOLUME – Professional care for thin and flat hair

Delicate and thin hair requires specialised care. Innovative formulas help lift the hair from the roots, giving it a sense of lightness and freshness.

experto strong

STRONG – Professional care for weakened hair prone to falling out

Weakened hair subject to falling out requires targeted care to strengthen the strands of hair and hair roots / the hair roots and strands of hair.  The hair appears stronger, while the hair strands are resistant to damage

experto blonde

BLONDE – Professional care for hair that is dyed blonde

Blonde-dyed hair needs special care. The ingredients of the cosmetics nourish and deeply moisturise the hair, restoring a healthy look without yellow pigmentation.