The EXPERTO+ brand was developed to cater for the individual needs of demanding customers who are looking for professional cosmetics that will be perfectly compatible with their hair. The specially developed formulas contain a combination of select active ingredients well suited to each hair type. Combined with the large pack sizes – 500 ml for shampoos and conditioners and 400 ml for masks – this brand provides excellent value for money.

The wide choice of products makes it possible to find the right care routine to suit even the most demanding hair. The EXPERTO+ line includes products for dry and damaged, dyed, thin and flat, frizzy and dull hair. The offer also includes a range of strengthening products for weakened hair and hair prone to falling out.

experto+ repair

EXPERTO+ REPAIR Professional care for dry and damaged hair

The REPAIR range features a professional formula with carefully selected active ingredients – jojoba oil, macadamia oil and panthenol, which moisturises dry and brittle hair as well as restoring its softness and shine.

experto+ antifrizz

EXPERTO+ ANTIFRIZZ Professional treatment for frizzy and dull hair

The ANTIFRIZZ range features an innovative formula with creatine and marula oil that prevents frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny.

experto+ argan

EXPERTO+ ARGAN Professional care and hydration for very dry hair

The ARGAN range has a formula of advanced active ingredients, including argan oil and vitamin E, which moisturises and regenerates very dry hair. The hair is moisturised, and its structure is rebuilt.

experto+ coconut

EXPERTO+ COCONUT Professional care and regeneration for very damaged hair

The COCONUT range features a professional formula with coconut oil designed for very damaged hair requiring special care. Coconut oil regenerates, nourishes and gives the hair a beautiful shine.

experto+ color

EXPERTO+ COLOR Professional care and protection for dyed hair

Dyed hair requires proper care. The COLOR range includes specialised formulas rich in active ingredients that moisturise and regenerate dyed hair, preventing colour from fading and maintaining it for longer.

experto+ keratin

EXPERTO+ KERATIN Professional treatment for damaged and dull hair

The KERATIN range features a professional formula with keratin and vitamin B that transforms dull and frizzy hair into strong, smooth and shiny hair. A combination of carefully selected ingredients nourishes the hair from the very roots and protects against adverse external factors.
The range includes a shampoo, conditioner and mask.

experto+ strong

EXPERTO+ STRONG Professional care for weakened and thin hair

The STRONG range is an advanced formula, with biotin and caffeine, designed for weak and thin hair prone to falling out. Biotin has a beneficial effect on the hair, as it provides it with necessary sulphur, which improves the hair's elasticity and rebuilds its structure. This effect is supported by the positive impact of caffeine, which improves microcirculation to facilitate the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. The hair becomes visibly thicker and resilient.