Kreativ is a line of professional hair-styling products. They are characterised by a high content of conditioning ingredients (such as argan oil, keratin, D-Panthenol, vitamins), which are responsible not only for the look of your hairstyle, but also for the health of your hair. All products are in modern, minimalist, packaging, with a clearly marked fixing level, which facilitates the work of every stylist.


Kreativ START

a preparation for styling, consisting of a thermo-protective spray, sprays adding volume, a light style foundation, and a strong hair mousse.


Kreativ PLAY

products which allow you to play with texture and givie a distinct form: an elastic or grapefruit wax, a matt paste, a sculpting gum, and an extra=strong gel.


Kreativ FINISH

products for fixing and finishing the hairstyle: two hairsprays, a spray, and a gloss spray.