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Vegan Desserts is a line of cosmetics which are a vegan feast for hair and skin. The products have been created for consumers aware of their needs, who stay true to what they believe and care about the protection of the environment and their joie de vivre.

Up to 99% of their ingredients are of natural origin, including natural, allergen-free, perfumes. They are silicones, strong detergents (SLS, SLES), and controversial preservatives (MIT, CMIT) free. The products amaze with their scents and cute, charming, design.

However, what matters the most for many customers is the fact that the products are 100% vegan at every stage of their production, which is confirmed by their VEGAN certificate, issued by the independent entity the European Vegetarian Union. It is a guarantee of both safety and the proper means of production.

The brand markets lines for a variety of hair and skin needs, based on tempting, trendy, fruit desserts: Chia & Goji Pudding, Coffee & Soy Milk, Coconut & Almond Cream, Lemon & Lime Sorbet.